The Firm provides legal services for Hungarian and multinational clients in Hungary.
We regularly provide advice and assistance to our clients in general corporate affairs, including the related legal procedures:

  • Foundation of companies, including the drafting of all connecting documentation such as Articles of Association, Deed of Foundation, etc.;
  • Preparation of Shareholders’ Agreements;
  • Organization and documentation of corporate events, such as Shareholders’ Meetings, Board meetings, Supervisory Board meetings;
  • Preparation of operating by-laws.

Based on our personal backgrounds and experience, in the framework of the legal regulations, we provide business focused, practical, high level legal services for our clients. We provide and propose flexible solutions that meet the expectations and needs of our clients.
We accept both one-time and permanent assignments. In case of our engagement we are motivated to complete the assignment at the most efficient and cost effective way.
Our mission is to develop long term relationship based on mutual cooperation, understanding and personal trust. It is our pleasure to see the success of our clients from their establishment continuously throughout their development.

6720, Szeged, Vidra u. 2.

06 62 422 298

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